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    Governor: Innovation in West Java Will Still Continue


    West Java Governor (Ahmad Heryawan) asserted, innovation in West Java Provincial Government will continue to be made to facilitate performance of civil state apparatus (ASN) and public service.

    "The creation of an integrated employee identity card (Kartin) is the first pilot in West Java, but previously we have made many applications for ease of performance and public service, and still will continue," he said at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (18/10).

    He said, various applications such as E-Samsat is able to increase local revenue. According to him there is an increase in regional income from E-Samsat around Rp360 billion. That is not yet included with other applications that are now also more widely applied in Regional Device Office.

    Related to Kartin card which is a cooperation between the Director General of Taxation with West Java provincial government, the governor expressed his gratitude, especially West Java became the first province to apply it.

    "Thank you for making West Java the first province to use this integrated card, which will be implemented for all CSAs," he explained.

    He said, for the first phase of Kartin card cooperation with the Director General of Taxes will be applied to all CSAs work environment of West Java province, but then will be applied to CSAs in districts and cities in West Java. But he insisted the smart card is not a substitute for E-ID card.

    "This will be an important data of CSA in West Java, making citizens of taxable service, also for ATM in bank bjb," he said. jo

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