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    Aher: Boarding School is Able To Present Strong Morality For People


    GARUT- Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren/ Ponpes) is written in the nation's gold ink history. The real contribution of the scholars and boarding school students is able to bring superiority to Indonesia, so as to get out of colonialism in the struggle.
    The contribution is still ongoing to date. Boarding School considered capable of presenting a way of educating the world's strongest generation and the hereafter. This kind of educating is rarely owned by other educational institutions in Indonesia. The result,  Boarding School is able to present a strong generation spiritually and physically, also strong from the aspect of character and morals as human beings.
    In front of the students as well as the administrators Muhammadiyah Boarding School from all over Indonesia, West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan explained about the concept of how to educate presented Boarding School long ago. According to Aher, Boarding School is the only educational institution that successfully combines two poles of science, namely 'Ulum and Funun.
    'Ulum is a diverse type of scholarship that comes from Revelation, the Qur'an, and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s). Output is the values of life that invites people to live straight to the end point, the Hereafter. However, the word Aher science alone is not enough, because we live in the world to progress. There needs to be another pole, that is Funun.
    Funun is a kind of science that comes from the verses of the universe of God's creation, then used by humans to facilitate life. Being direct and easy is a desire in life. Our lives are directed because 'Ulum which comes from Revelation, also our life is easy because Funun, the aspect of Science and Science that develops for the progress we want together.
    "That's two poles of a balanced science and it turns out after we think, think, and think, it turns out that can combine these two poles of science is boarding schools in Indonesia," said Aher while accompanying President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opened the National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) 2nd Boarding School of Muhammadiyah in Pondok Pesantren Darul Arqam Muhammadiyah, Ciledug Street No. 284, Garut regency, Tuesday (17/10/2017) afternoon.
    "Therefore, Boarding School as the writing of history must develop with the teachings in our country. Because of the uniqueness of Indonesia with a very strong moral guard so far, it is because one of them the presence of boarding school, "he continued.
    There are about 12,000 boarding school throughout West Java. boarding schools have a unique way of education that other places do not have. An educational way that brings the balance of life between the world and the hereafter, and the material and spiritual balance.
    For that, Aher welcomed the held National Coordination Meeting Muhammadiyah  Boarding School in Garut regency. For him, it is the honor and pride of Muhammadiyah to designate West Java as the host. National Coordination Meeting are also well napak tilas journey of Muhammadiyah in West Java which originated from Garut. Garut has a historical closeness with the journey of Muhammadiyah as the largest community organization in Indonesia. According to Aher, Muhammadiyah has contributed to a very diverse life sector in the country.
    "The hopes of National Coordination Meeting are running smoothly without any significant obstacles, and can produce strategic programs that always prioritize the interests and the benefit of the people and able to provide great benefits for the people of Muhammadiyah Boarding School in particular, and Muslims and society in general, especially in West Java, "Please Aher.

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