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    Governor & West Java Parliament Signed KUA PPAS Regional Budget Changes FY 2017


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) with the Vice Chairman of West Java Parliament, Irfan Suryanegara, Haris Yuliana and Ade Barkah Surachman signed together a memorandum of understanding together with the General Policy of Budget Priority of Provisional Budget Plafon (KUA PPAS) Regional Budget Change (APBDP) West Java Province Budget Year 2017.

    The signing was done in the Working Meeting of Budget Agency West Java ParliamentWest Java Parliament with West Java Provincial Government in Budget Agency Room at Parliament Building Jabar, Diponegoro Street No. 27, Bandung, Tuesday morning (17/10/17).

    KUA PPAS Reginal Budget The amendment of FY 2017 becomes a reference budget that will be contained in Reginal Budget Changes FY 2017. Governor Aher said, there are a number of things or programs that must be resolved immediately in the change.

    According to Aher, there are a number of activities or programs that become priorities, and one of them is a national project. Such as land acquisition activities West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kertajati, Majalengka regency, as well as access toll roads and non-toll to BIJB is still pending. This is due to the agreement from various parties of new land acquisition settlement through a joint meeting at the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Marine Affairs some time ago.

    "In addition, there are also land acquisition activities TPPAS (Places and Processing Final Waste) Legok Nangka and Caringin irrigation area.There is also the liberation of non-toll access along the 1.8 kilometers.Also there is an increase and widening Kadipaten Jatibarang Street to support BIJB, Aher said in his speech.

    In addition, other activities include the construction of access roads to the Great Mosque of West Java, financial assistance for the relocation of Kuningan Dam, assistance for mentoring and training of Family Hope Program (PKH), honorarium extension and also teachers, as well as non-civil servant education personnel. "Then Grant Aid related to the preparation of the Simultaneously Election 2018. That's the ultimate and certainly other things that are relatively smaller budget and detailed enough," said Aher.

    Furthermore, Aher said, after the signing of PPAS KUA it will immediately follow up by submitting a draft Regional Regulation (Raperda) on the changes of Regional Budget FY 2017 in the plenary session of West Java Parliament.

    "We have hope and earnestly plead that the amendment of Regional Budget be completed before the 2018 pure budget. As it is in accordance with the MOHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) and in line with the urgent importance to immediately absorb the budget for the budgets mentioned above, "please Aher.

    Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of West Java Parliament Irfan Suryanegara said that KUA PPAS regional Budget Changes FY 2017 is a mutual agreement between West Java parliament represented by the Budget Agency and Head of West Java Provincial Government represented by TAPD. The Budget Agency and TAPD have discussed together the document and agreed to amend the content or substance contained in Regional Budget FY 2017.

    "From the discussion of the memorandum of understanding, the DPRD and TAPD consider the need for changes related to the substance of Regional Budget of Fiscal Year 2017. And on this day the memorandum of understanding between the Head of the Regional Head of West Java Provincial Parliament of PPUA KUA Regional Budget Changes West Java Province Fiscal Year 2017 we signed the agreement, "concluded Irfan.

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