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    Related to Online Transportation, West Java Provincial Government Asks All Parties Withhold


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) asked all parties to be patient related to the final regulation of online transportation which will soon be decided by the central government on Tuesday (17/10/2017).
    Head of Department of Transportation West Java Provincial Government Dedi Taufik said it after receiving the aspirations of the perpetrators of online transportation in the Meeting Room Mashudi, Gedung Sate, Monday (16/10/2017) afternoon.
    "It would be better if we are all patient waiting for the decision of the central government which has been promised will be decided Tuesday, October 17, 2017," he said.
    Besides Dedi, he also attended as the representative of the Head of National Unity and Political Institution (Bakesbangpol) West Java Provincial, Ruddy Gandakusumah, and Law and Human Rights Bureau of West Java Secretariat, Tatang. Also attended also West Java Traffic Police, Kombes Pol. Prahoro, as well as representatives from Cimahi City Transportation Department. Meanwhile, online transport representatives led by Vice Chairman of HDBR (Driver Association Bandung Raya) Andrian Mulya P as well as board Geram (Movement Online Joint Bandung Raya) accompanied by his staff.
    According to Dedi, all parties should not insist on the action of the apparatus, especially vigilante because the legal basis of this online transportation has not been definitive from the central government.
    "Therefore, we must take care of everything, let's keep the conduciveness because this matter is still being discussed," he continued.
    West Java provincial government also urged that aspirations not be channeled back in the form of mass mobilization, but can be through intensive discussions.
    In the meeting, Andrian Mulya conveyed the aspiration to immediately issued regional regulation related to the problem of online transportation either two wheel or four wheel, no demo from all parties during regulation issued, also no counter action from other party.
    They also asked for no intimidation to the online drivers as long as the regulation did not exist, lowered the provoking banners, and threatened to exert more demos.
    Expert Review

    Meanwhile, in his press statement, legal expert from Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Prof. I Gede Panca Astawa, said during the revision of Permenhub No 26 of 2017, then to fill the void of legislation (wet vacuum), West Java provincial government asked the Minister of Transportation immediately issued a circular as a beleid regel.
    "This is derived from the free authority (vrij bevoegheid) or the discretion of the Minister of Transportation in his capacity as a state administrative official, with reference to Law No.20 / 2008 and Law No. 22/2009 and PP No.74 / 2014," he said. .
    West Java Provincial Government also supports the step of the Minister of Transportation to immediately revise the 14 articles in Permenhub No 26 of 2017 with due consideration of the legal considerations under which the decision of Supreme Court. 37 P / Hum / 2017.
    "While waiting for the enactment of the revision of Permenhub No. 26 of 2017, West Java Provincial Government encourages and facilitates the establishment of an agreement between conventional public transport / taxi and rental operator based on on-line application," he said.
    Similarly, Dr. Ir. Idwan Santoso, MSc., DIC, transportation observer said that conducive conditions in West Java are only possible if all stakeholders can exercise restraint in the face of a transition period until there is a new legal certainty.
    "Actually, the steps that have been done by West Java provincial government in the last few days should get appreciation because with that step, potency of big chaos that might happened can be prevented, of course, the central government will soon solve this legal vacuum problem as soon as possible, which already plays a role in the transportation industry is not harmed, "he said.
    Representative of the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) West Java Sony Sulaksono Wibowo said it hoped all elements of society to refrain from creating a conducive atmosphere in the Metropolitan area of Bandung Raya in particular and West Java generally.
    "MTI West Java sees a horizontal conflict in Bandung and West Java triggered by one of the absence of a legal umbrella for local governments to formulate policy.Users of public transport services, whatever their form, are expected to be aware of their rights and obligations in using the services available. transportation, whether with or without application, must be aware of existing rules and obey them for the common good, "he concluded.

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