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    1,470 Runners Join The First Environmental-themed Marathon in Pangalengan


    BANDUNG REGENCY-A total of 1,470 runners follow environment-themed marathon in the event of West Java Eco Marathon (WJEM) 2017. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) released directly participants at Tanara Field, Malabar, Pangalengan, Bandung Regency, Sunday morning (15/10/17).
    Eco Marathon is competing four categories, namely categories 5k (kilometers), 10k, 21k, and 42k (full marathon). Noted participants not only come from within the country, there are also participants from 10 other countries. In addition to sports and tourism promotion event of West Java, this event as well as a campaign of love and preservation of the environment, in accordance with the name of this run event.
    "This (Eco Marathon) is the first time in the world can be a trend in itself. Hopefully this event can be held every year, its track (location) move everywhere, "said Aher after releasing WJEM 2017 participants.
    For that, as a differentiator with other marathon events, WJEM 2017 takes the location of running in the exotic nature of West Java. The runners get a different sensation when running as they pass through the hill; Malabar Tea Plantation, Kertamanah, and Cinyiruan; rivers, lakes, vegetable gardens, villages and settlements, to the Wayang Windu Geothermal area in Pangalengan, Bandung Regency.
    "There is a uniqness held here, which is usually a marathon in the streets, this time marathon is held in the mountains, in places or roads that penetrate the mountains. This is unique and because of its unique we call it Eco Marathon, for being familiar with nature, "Aher said.
    Eco Marathon event as well as environmental campaigns to the public. With this theme is expected to grow public awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment. Because the natural environment becomes a supplier of human life needs.
    "We collaborate between the sport with its marathon on the one hand, then with its eco on the other side, so at the same time is a sports collaboration and environmental campaign. Therefore, we ordered through this sport so that the people of West Java, the world community to pay attention to the environment. Because the environment is the supplier of our necessities, the supply of clothing, food, the board is supplied by the environment, "Aher said.
    Recorded the most participants for the 5k and 10k categories. While participants in the category of 21k followed by 200 participants and 42k as many as 100 participants. The average 21k and 42k attendees are professional runners or athletes. In addition, among the participants seen Wife of Governor of West Java, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan. Netty takes the 10k category in this 2017 WJEM.
    "Alhamdulillah this is held for first time but the its interest is high enough," said Aher.
    WJEM 2017 is not only followed by adult participants. Many participants are children of school age. The participants admitted happy to take part in this marathon. One of the female participants came from Salatiga, Central Java, Ambar Winarsih (22) admitted that she was the first time to follow environment-themed marathon.
    "If the trial run like this is already twice. But if for a marathon with environmental themes like this is the first time, "said Ambar who is also an athlete of one of the clubs run in Central Java.
    Ambar added Eco Marathon event has a challenging route. She hopes WJEM can be held every year considering the enthusiasm of society that is high enough. In this WJEM 2017 Ambar managed to become the 1st Winner for 10k Woman category. For this achievement she won cash Rp20 million.
    "Very cool route. Then it is challenging as well. So somewhat surprised to have seen the route in the middle of the journey. Somewhat challenging, the way a lot of stone so, if we are not careful we can sprain, "said Ambar.

    Netty Heryawan Finisher 10K

    Chairman of TP PKK West Java Province Netty Heryawan participated and successfully arrived at the finish line 10K in West Java Eco Marathon (WJEM) 2017. To the media crew Netty admitted that health 80% affected the behavior of clean and healthy life. According to her, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be done easily and cheaply. One of them with physical exercise on a regular basis, ie run

    "I realize that health is 75 to 80 percent influenced by clean and healthy life behavior, one of them with regular physical exercise, so with the sport we do not get tired quickly not sleepy, our ability to hold the pain also surpassed the community in general," said Netty .

    "I want to motivate people that this healthy life movement turns out to be done in a way that is easy and cheap, ie run. Not need expensive tools and complicated," hse continued.

    Netty claimed to run in the open and join the new environment-themed marathon the first time she did. Greeted her husband, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at the finish line Netty told enthusiastic about the track race that presents the beautiful scenery made her unending to amaze amazed. 

    "Thank God I get to the finish point although in terms of preparation I am not too prepared specifically because of the dense activities of recent days," said Netty. 

    "I also appreciate the choice of locations and routes used by the committee, because it presents a challenge for the runners who run amidst plantations, hills and lots of other beautiful scenery, so this is really a very nice running event, "she continued. 

    West Java Eco Marathon is organized by West Java Provincial Government, to support tourism promotion. And each year will be held with different tracks in accordance with West Java Tourism campaign 'gurilap'. 

    West Java Eco Marathon first presents "Feel The Breeze". At an altitude of 1,100-1750 dpl the cool air of South Bandung, presented the favorite venue to practice top athletes run Indonesia.

    "Of course in the context of tourism and culture of course this can be one means that can prove how beautiful nature of West Java. West Java has tourism potential, next year may be held in South Java, "said Netty. 

    On this occasion, do not forget Netty remind people in Pangalengan Bandung Regency about family resilience and keep all kinds of family violence in any form.

    "My message, today let's build family resilience Do not have parents 'stray' in West Java. Parents 'stray' is a parent who wants a successful child, his son sholeh, but do not know how to do violence Let's both of us wake up a harmonious family, a family filled with love and affection, "lid Netty.

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