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    Ministry of Tourism Spreads Enchantment Carnival Virus in Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA-Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) continues to encourage festival activities in the region to be able to apply global standards. So it can be a high magnet in attracting tourists.

    One of the efforts is to provide training and mentoring. As in the implementation of Tasikmalaya October Festival (TOF) 2017, Ministry of Tourism presents design maestro who is also President of Jember Fashion Carnaval, Dynan Fariz.

    Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said it was very appropriate to present a Dynan Fariz to be able to provide training and guidance in the event Tasikmalaya October Festival.

    "If you want to become a world player you must be able to apply global standards Maximize, absorb all the science from Dynan Fariz so that event organizing in Tasikmalaya better in the future," said Tourism Minister, Sunday (15/10/2017)

    According to Arief, the presence of one of the event curators in Ministry of Tourism is expected to provide understanding and input on the implementation of a carnival fashion. Good for participants, organizers, media and audience.

    "Because the four elements that are an integral part in the implementation of a fashion carnaval," said Arief

    Meanwhile, Dynan Fariz when giving exposure in front of more than 100 participants in Gelanggang Generasi Muda (GGM), Tasikmalaya, West Java. The participants themselves were mostly participants who performed at the Tasikmalaya October Festival festival.

    Dynan said, as big or small as a carnival should be done professionally. The participants when bringing a costume must master the true theme or costume used. Do not get, the costume theme that is used is not in accordance with the way the model.

    "For example, they are wearing costumes that inspire traditional Javanese or Borneo, they have to understand what kind of carriage they have to control," Dynan explained.

    Dynan explains, good communication between the designer and the costume maker must agree with the models. Designers should be able to communicate well with what clothes to wear. "The designer must tell every detail so that his character will look good," he said.

    In addition, which is also very important to understand the designer and model is the readiness and the catwalk. Where are the viewers, or VIP and other guests. So when modeling clothes that brought the model can do well.

    "How to greet the audience, waving to the audience, when the right time and direction to where it should be mastered with the understanding of catwalk," he said.

    Because if not, the invisible eye will be very easy to see whether or not a model of a model to bring costumes during the carnival.

    "Whether it's caught by eye or visual camera, because these models are not presenting costumes in a mall or plaza, but a carnival that has many elements in it as a treat of art and culture," he said.

    And that is not left behind is the physical and mental readiness. Because not infrequently a costume in a carnival has weight that is not light. "The bottom line of this physical and mental readiness is that the mod is ready to be ready for something that will happen throughout the event, considering that the carnival is more outdoor," Dynan said.

    He also explained that anyone can be a model in bringing costumes in a carnival. But of course must be able to meet the various provisions obtained earlier.

    "I hope that through this training facilitated by Ministry of Tourism, what is good in the carnival at Tasikmalaya October Festival can be better," he concluded (MAT)

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