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    Family Planning Village in West Java Reaches 600 locations


    BANDUNG-National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) West Java continues to increase the number of Kampung KBFamily Planning Village to increase the success of population control programs.

    Head of BKKBN Sukaryo Teguh said that currently there are more than 600 villages in West Java but the amount still has to continue to be added.

    "Ideally one Family Planning Village exist in every District," he said in a discussion with reporters in Bandung, Jumah (13/10).

    He said Family Planning Village is not solely for the control of the population in the area, but also the location of community empowerment, including health and infrastructure.

    "So not only BKKBN can enter here, can be from the health office, women's empowerment, education, cross-sector can make the program here," he said.

    West Java according to him became the pioneer of Family Planning Village, which appeared in Sumedang Regency in the 80's. Then some Family Planning Village emerged until the end of 2015, Family Planning Village became a national program.

    "Family Planning Village is aimed to strengthen the function of the family, regenerate the nature of mutual trust between communities and a cross-sectoral entrance in the community empowerment," he said.

    In addition to adding Family Planning Village, the number of family planning cadres in West Java will also continue to be added. Ideally the number of family planning cadres in West Java reaches 6,000 people, but at this time the number is only about 3000 people. jo

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