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    Siva Ikhwatun is Winning Laziswa Fair Cirebon Tahfidz Competition


    CIREBON-Foster Children Rumah Zakat Cirebon successfully won the Tahfidz LAZISWA Fair Cirebon 2017. Rumah Zakat sent two representatives, namely Siva Ikhwatun Hasanah and Rasul Maghfiroh to follow the race in the juz category 30 elementary level.

    In the event tahfidz race, Siva managed to hook the champion to-1, while the Rasul won the 2nd. Siva who sat in 6th grade elementary school admitted very excited to follow tahfidz race. According to the daughter of the couple Mr. Selamet and Mrs. Susyati, by following the race herself the more spirit to learn to memorize Al Quran.

    "Alhamdulillah I can be the first champion, so I am motivated to memorize more juz, let alone other participants also good" said Shiva.

    Every week, foster children built by Rumah Zakat must deposit memorization during coaching. Each region coordinator will visit each child's house champion for memorization as well as family guidance.

    "Regardless of the verses that they have memorized, I always appreciate and motivate, hope after they can win this race, they still istiqomah to study the Quran and become hafidz and hafidzah who will give the crown of heaven for both parents," said Santi, Area Coordinator Rumah Zakat Cirebon, Friday (13/10)

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