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    Tourism Minister Calls Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Must Be Seriously Worked


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-Minister of Tourism (Menpar) RI, Arief Yahya seems really smitten with Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu. When opening an international surfing championship, Amazing Geopark Adventure Tourism (AGAT 2017), Saturday (14/10/2017) he repeatedly said that Geopark Ciletuh must be seriously worked on. Destination also must continue to be pushed to world level.

    "Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu is very good, the Amazing Geopark Adventure Tourism event is also very good, both must be professionally managed to achieve the optimal target," said Menpar

    In early August 2017, Geopark is already assessed by UNESCO team. When declared passed, Ciletuh will be thrown into UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) and become a world tourist destination.

    "The fact is, Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu is very good, the capital is very strong, the potential is also very big, the natural beauty is complete, there are landscape, mountains, waterfalls, rice fields, fields and ends in the estuary to the sea, in order to revive the economic community, "explained Arief

    He explains the destinations surrounded by stretch of alluvial stretch with unique rocks and beautiful scenery, also has a nice beach that even has the waves favored by world surfers.

    "Just look at Cimaja Beach, the beach in Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu is chosen as the location of the international surfing competition, Amazing Geopark Adventure Tourism (AGAT 2017) .A total of 14 international pro surfers take part in this event," said Arief

    The theme that was carried was very okay. "Cimaja Geosurf Challenge, Our Amazing Adventure". All seemed to be invited to surf in an incredible adventure.

    "The important thing is all must be implemented with global standards in order to be a tourist attraction. Dates must also be sure so as not to disappoint tourists, "said Arief

    Tourism Minister Arief also mentioned that this event is a momentum for tourism stakeholders (government, tourism industry and community) to build tourism that promotes economic growth, create jobs, and eradicate poverty around tourism destinations.

    "One of the efforts that need to be done is to promote Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu to the world. We must be active in the world geopark network conference and the implementation of international events such as Cimaja Geosurf Challenge, Our Amazing Adventure is, "he concluded. (MAT)

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