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    West Java Coffee Farmers Will Apply Agro Forestry


    BANDUNG-Dozens of coffee farmers from several Lembaga Desa Desa Hutan (LMDH) in West Java attend coffee entrepreneurship training organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), in Bandung Friday - Saturday, 13-14 October 2017. They will among others learn agro forestry, ie planting that does not destroy the forest, blend coffee to build a tourist village coffee.

    Director General of Social Forestry and Environmental and Forestry Partnership (KLH), Hadi Daryanto said farmers who are members of LMDH are those who live around Perhutani land and grow coffee among Perhutani hard trees.

    "So far, they have not received the facilities from the State, so we make training to improve coffee farmers' standard of living. Unfortunately if they become small farmers continue, there must be an increase to be a coffee entrepreneur, "he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (13/10/2017)

    Hadi said, in order to skillfully mix coffee, farmers will be trained to become professional baristas.

    "If in the village, baristas process coffee naturally, not yet standardized, then to go up to become entrepreneur class we practice how to mix coffee according to the characteristics of coffee," said Hadi.

    To hold this program, KLHK took SCAI (Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia). SCAI is a global network of Specialty Coffee Associations concerned with global specialty coffee-related education, standardization and certification, supply chain issues, networking of industry players and, increasing legal awareness in specialty coffee business activities.

    "We are collaborating with SCAI because they have networks, markets, and skills to train people to become entrepreneurs. We work together, according to Mr. Presden's direction, "Work together", when I need to strengthen the capacity of farmers, there happens to be an institution like SCAI, so I invite for cooperation, "said Hadi.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Sub Directorate of Social Forestry and Customary Forest (KLHK) Sri Wahyuni added, she will provide certificates to participants to barista beginners.

    "With their new skills as baristas, they can develop their skills in their villages by jointly building a coffee tour village, for example," she concluded. (MAT)

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