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    Facing Proliga 2017, Netty Re-embraces Women Volleyball Athletes PON 2016


    BANDUNG, Head of PKK Team of West Java Province Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan expressed his determination to support West Java women's volleyball team in Proliga match in 2017. Netty who previously became manager of the women's volleyball team at PIX XIX 2016 will recruit the women volleyball athletes ever dedicate gold for West Java on PON 2016 ago.
    Netty said the decision to re-embrace the former PON athletes was based on the consideration of their flying hours as a solid team. In addition, the chemistry that has been formed since PON 2012 in Riau makes the team more compact, so the chances of winning the game will be greater.
    "Yes of course we are determined to follow Proliga 2017 this, of course with the evaluation done in proliga ago. We will take the athletes who yesterday reinforce the West Java team won gold for women's volleyball in PON 2016, we will regroup to strengthen the team that will compete in Proliga 2017, "said Netty when met after the live interactive dialogue on RRI Bandung, Friday (13/10/2017).
    "Their experience competed in several events together, both in PON 2012 Riau and PON 2016 West Java, proving that their fighting spirit was already built from the beginning. It means that this becomes a force for me and my friends who want to re-engrave the achievements in Proliga, "she continued.
    Netty rates, the existence of some national level players such as Wilda, Yola, Komang and Tiara in the team into a promising material. Only, according to the rules of Proliga, foreign players who are included in the team should be able to complete the team's shortcomings. Netty also wants a designated coach will be able to understand the psychological condition of each player, because she thinks the coach who has interconnected with players can facilitate the process of victory.
    "Actually from the players matter is good, just how will we complete with some foreign players who are the requirements of the proliga," said Netty optimistic. "Including a coach who can understand the psychological condition of her players, because it is important between the coach and this player has a continuity in emotion and psokilogis, to facilitate this winning process we can do," she continued.

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