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    Demiz and Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Distribute Eco-Friendly Fishing Equipment in Cirebon


    CIREBON CITY-Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) RI to make a working visit (kunker) to Cirebon City. In this working visit Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries provides a number of assistance, including environmentally friendly fishing gear for fishermen in West Java.
    The beneficiaries of these fishermen came from Cirebon and Indramayu regency. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) accompanied by Director General (Director General) of Capture Fisheries Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sjarief Widjaja distributed the aid symbolically to six fishermen at the fish auction venue (TPI) Pelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara (PPN) Kejawan, Pelabuhan Perikanan street No. 1 Kejawan, Pegambiran, Lemahwunguk, Cirebon City, on Thursday (12/10/17).
    Fishing aid in the form of this net is the replacement of fishing gear is prohibited. This tool is expected not only to preserve the environment and marine biota, but further increase the catch, as well as the welfare of the fishermen. This is in accordance with the three pillars or stages of marine development established by the CTF, namely: sovereignty, sustainability, and prosperity.
    "If you talk about sustainability it should be a little sore in the front. Tighten the belt in front, but the impact is not just for us but for our children and grandchildren later. If we ignore the sustainability of our marine life, our grandchildren cursed us later, "said Vice Governor in his speech.
    "Leave a net that destroys the marine biota, so that later who catch the big fish so the selling price is expensive. So there is no intention of the Government to suffer fishermen, nothing at all. We think far ahead for the fishing communities themselves. We're not alive for now, "he continued.
    Furthermore, the Vice Governor said that the above efforts are the efforts of his party in encouraging the welfare of the fishermen, especially those in Pantura. Government efforts recognized by Demiz will cause pros and cons, but it is part of the national fisheries and marine development process.
    From 27 districts / municipalities in West Java, there are 11 coastal districts with 842.66 km long beach, 18,727.28 km2 of marine area and authority over natural resource management in the 12-mile territorial territory located in Fisheries Management Area WPP) 573 Ocean Indonesia and WPP 712 Java Sea.
    However, the potential of capture fishery is so large in West Java, currently can not be utilized optimally. In 2016, West Java capture fishery production amounted to 276,303 Ton or an increase of about 1.95% of production in 2015. However, only 13.35% of the potential of catch fisheries exist in two Fisheries Management Areas.
    This is because there are still some problems faced by fishermen, especially regarding the traditional management, lack of access to capital, as well as inadequate facilities and infrastructures, such as small fishing fleets, even from 18,231 fishing boats, as many as 16,827 units or 92.2% of them are small.
    In addition, from the legality aspect there are still many unlicensed fishing vessels / not yet registered. Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government has sought to improve licensing services by opening licensing service outlets in several strategic places. In addition, West Java Provincial Government is also proactive to pick up the ball by placing the unit service car in fishing centers on a scheduled basis, which is reinforced by the implementation of online licensing system so that fishermen who will take care of SIUP / SIPI can get easier and faster service.
    Another problem is not optimal fishery port function as the main base of fishing activities. Of the 84 fishery ports in West Java listed in the National Fisheries Port Master Plan (RIPPN), currently only about 16 locations have been able to meet the Phase I criteria for operational fishing ports.
    The condition is due to inadequate quantity and quality of infrastructure, both facilities of marine buildings and land buildings, and still lack of human resources managers who meet the criteria. Related to that, the support of the Central Government in the development of fishery port infrastructure through the Fishermen Improvement Program (PKN) and Minapolitan, is needed sustainability.
    While related to the fishermen's insurance, from the number of fishermen recorded in the statistics of 100,485 people, as many as 57,915 people or 57.63% already have fishing cards. The number of insurance policies issued in 2016 amounted to 35,074 policies, while 2017 has published 12,325 policies of the target as much as while 2017 has been issued 12,325 policies from the target of 17,550 policies. 

    In the case of insurance claims, in 2016 there are 104 claims comprising 76 natural death claims, 4 death claims of marine casualties, 10 claims of marine accidents, and 14 claims of ill-treatment. Therefore, on this occasion Vice Governor Demiz expressed his gratitude to all parties, especially to PT Jasindo who has provided good and fast service for every insurance claim of fishermen.

    In addition to the above efforts, West Java Provincial Government already has MoU and Andon Fish Cooperation Agreement Agreement with 5 (five) provinces, namely East Java, Central Java, DKI Jakarta, Banten, and Lampung, then still in process with West Kalimantan Province and Islands Riau, while with other provinces in the process of exploration. "We hope that the coordination of this arrest andon can be well implemented, thus minimizing the occurrence of inter-fisherman conflict," concluded Vice Governor

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