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    Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly Chairman Asks Young Generation to Strengthen National Unity


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (MPR) Zulkifli Hasan asked the young generation to strengthen unity of the nation.

    He also appealed to the young generation not to be easily influenced by information that can divide the unity of the nation.

    "We strengthen the unity should no longer be noisy about ethnic background, religion, we are different then we must respect each other and appreciate," he told reporters at Unpas campus, Bandung, Wednesday (11/10/2017)

    Zulkifli mentions that the younger generation better think of the future of the nation than questioning the past.

    "Please do not fuss about the past, but let's discuss the time with the nation of Indonesia in the future will be rich how .. Of course this is our homework all," said Zulkifli.

    The Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly also invites the young generation to re-live the noble values of Indonesia by implementing it in everyday life.

    "Let's sew white red back and make the noble values of Indonesia in daily life," said Chairman of the MPR.

    Asked about the emergence of radicalism among academics. Zulkifli said it needs to be re-examined because of the radicalism attitude there is no place in the country.

    "If people practice their religion correctly, obeying the worship is Pancasila not radicalism," he concluded (MAT

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