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    Three Things in Minimizing Disaster Victims of Land Movement


    BANDUNG- West Java (Jabar) is created with natural conditions that have many hills and mountains with the character of the land that is easy to move. This condition makes West Java as a region with a high level of land movement vulnerability.

    This year alone from 800 more events of land movement or landslide, as many as 150 more events exist in West Java, which proves this region is prone to landslide disaster.

    Head of Land Mitigation Division at Geological Agency, Agus Budianto said there are three things that need to be examined to reduce the risk of earth movement or potential disaster that is vulnerable.

    "Nature already exists so it must be maintained properly, do not let the hills or mountains break down," he said in Bandung, Wednesday (11/10).

    Second is the human. By knowing the condition of the prone land, the people do not push themselves to live in the area.

    But due to limited land in urban areas, many people choose to live in hills prone. So the third is the firmness of the government with its regulation.

    "We already have a map of the vulnerable movement of the land, so it is easy to know which areas are vulnerable, the government must be firm in order to minimize casualties," he said. jo

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