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    Potential of Land Movement Disaster in West Java


    BANDUNG-Throughout the year 2017, through October, the Center for Volcanology of Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), noted that there has been a land movement disaster in 845 locations, where West Java (Jabar) recorded the most.

    Acting Head of Geological Agency Rida Mulyana said, during January to October 2017 for the West Java region occurred 154 incidents of land movement or landslide disaster.

    "From the number of incidents, the death toll reached 41 people in West Java," she said, Wednesday (11/10)

    She said PVMBG continues to socialize and inform the latest about the potential geological disasters, especially land movements. The goal is to reduce the number of fatalities.

    "Latest information was provided to reduce the number of fatalities, material and socio-economic impacts caused by the movement of the land," she said.

    Moreover, she said, West Java has many areas that have the potential to experience the movement of the land. The condition of the soil in West Java is thus must be constantly watched by the head of the region considering the rainy season has come. Moreover, the latest disaster events have also occurred in Pangandaran Regency. Jo

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