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    Pansus Invites Four Regional Heads Discuss KBU


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the Special Committee (Pansus) for discussion of the draft law Amendment Regulation No. 1 Year 2008 on the northern Bandung area (KBU), Ir. H. Abdul Hadi Wijaya, MSc, said the northern Bandung area is an interesting issue.

    On the one side, these area has a beautiful panorama. It would be potential for resort business, hotel and also tour and travel. But on the other side, these region is important in environmental science as water catchment areas, water supplies, water conservation and reserve area. Then the development at northern Bandung should be disciplined and controlled.

    “This KBU issues is very interesting, troubled and sensitive. This region is very important in environmental science. If we ignore it, then within 10 or 20 years ahead this area would be destroyed with no water and high temperatures,” said Abdul Hadi Wijaya at parliament building West Java Province, Bandung, on Monday (18/1).

    Seeing this issue was very interesting, the Special Committee will invite the Regent and Mayor directly related to KBU issue, they are Bandung Regent, West Bandung Regent, Bandung Mayor and Cimahi Mayor.

    "Things will be extracted from these four regional heads is on political side. The problems space utilisation of KBU is aplenty. We want political commitment from local leaders through this regional regulation to be equally executed. We're going to push so that this regulation can be well implemented,” said Secretary of the PKS faction of the West Java Parliament.

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