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    Kalijati Village is Disaster Preparedness Village


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) will initiate formation of Disaster Preparedness Village (KSB) in the village of Kalijati, Sidamulih Sub-district, Pangandaran Regency.

    Director of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims (PSKBA) Adhy Karyono said the formation of Disaster Preparedness Village is aimed at people living in disaster prone areas to gain knowledge and skills in disaster management.

    "Hopefully no more natural disasters that add to the burden of our community," said Adhy, through the release received www.Jabarprov.go.id.

    Adhy hopes, the public to remain vigilant, alert and anticipate the possibility of similar disasters either floods or landslides since it is now entering the rainy season.

    Previously, during the disaster, the Ministry of Social Affairs has also provided logistical support for refugees totaling Rp251.9 million consisting of side dishes, dinnerware, cookware, rolling tents, family tents, blankets, mats, "family kit" and "food ware" , as well as deploying Disaster Preparedness Taruna (Tagana) and Field Kitchen shortly after knowing Pangandaran hit by floods and landslides. (Parno)

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