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    Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2017 Encourages Visits of Foreign Tourists


    BANDUNG-Indonesia Modest Fashion Designer (IMFD) with the support of the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) will organize the cast and fashion show in Indonesia Fashion Modest Fashion Week (IMFW) 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on 12-15 October 2017.

    Implementation of IMFW 2017 as a means to promote the work of fashion designer modest Indonesia to the world stage and at the same time support tourism which this year targeting 15 million foreign tourists visit (tourists) and 265 million movements of domestic tourists (wisnus) in the country.

    Deputy of Marketing Development of Tourism Archipelago (Deputy BP3N) Ministry of Tourism Esthy Reko Astuti give appreciation of the implementation of IMFW 2017 as a series in welcoming Indonesia into the mecca of Muslim fashion world in 2020.

    "Fashion and tourism are an important part of the creative industry. Fashion becomes a magnet of Indonesian tourism that relies on cultural potential (culture) of 60%, nature (nature) 35%, and man-made 5%, "said Esthy in his official statement in Bandung, Tuesday / 2017).

    According to Esthy, three creative industry products such as fashion, culinary, and souvenirs or souvenirs become an important part because it contributes greatly to the tourism sector.

    "Most tourist expenditures are spent on these three products, in addition to hotel accommodation and transportation," Esthy said

    The fashion event of IMFD 2017 is as an improvement and continuation of the activities that in the previous two years used the name 'Indonesia Islamic Fashion & Products (IIFP)'.

    A total of 200 booths from various talented young entrepreneurs will enliven the 2017 IMFD event, in addition to featured the latest work of 60 designers from Indonesia and abroad as well as workshops with speakers from fashion and business creators.

    Meanwhile, Project Director IMFW 2017, Jeny Tjahyawati as a fashion development that is very rapidly lately became the main attraction especially fashionable fashion that provides fashion inspiration to the lovers of fashion globally.

    "This attraction can be synergized with each other considering fashion can be an interesting part that can be offered to other sectors of the tourism industry. Both can collaborate with each other to promote Indonesia and show the potential of Indonesian fashion that ultimately helped boost tourist visits, "he explained

    The potential of Indonesian designer work, according to Jeny, is very large compared to the creations of other Muslim countries. "The creativity of Indonesian designers is so capable and has global competitiveness in their slick works. With a touch of local materials that are often used by designers of the country, certainly a special attraction not only for fashion modest but also effective promotion for Indonesia in the world arena, "he concluded. (MAT)

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