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    Socialization of Illegal Levies Clean Sweeping, Restore SCA to its 'Fitrah'


    CIREBON-Prevention of illegal levies (levies) continues to be intensively conducted within the Provincial Government of West Java, based on Presidential Regulation No. 87 of 2016 on the formation of the Clean Sweeping Team of Illegal Levies. Then, this regulation was followed by the presence of West Java Governor Decree No. 700 / kep.1089-inspt / 2016 dated September 4, 2016 on the formation of West Java Illegal Levies Task Force.

    Head of Public Relations Bureau Protocol West Java Provincial Secretariat, as Vice Chairman I Working Group Clean Sweeping Team of Illegal Levies (Saber) West Java, Sonny Samsu Adisudarma, said that the Government of West Java Province has launched several innovation programs aimed at minimizing the practice of illegal levies (Pungli ).

    Some of these programs, Sonny said, have also been designated as a 'pilot project' of corruption prevention for 17 provinces in Indonesia by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

    The programs include West Java E-Samsat, which is an easy way to pay tax on the income sector, so that tax-related vehicle payments can be done independently and transparently via E-banking, M-banking, and ATM, to minimize the illegal levies often occurs when transactions are made conventionally.

    In the employment allowance sector, West Java Provincial Government runs an employee income management (TPP) management system, so there is no reason for 'Insufficient income' for SCAs when doing illegal levies. Then Innovation One Simple Access West Java in the licensing sector. With the convenience provided, avoiding the practice of levers and brokering.

    Furthermore, Sonny mentions that from a spiritual point of view, illegal levies could have occurred due to the lack of understanding of religion that is owned. Plus Attitude (behavior), skill (skills), knowledge (knowledge), which is less supportive of work, as well as consumptive lifestyle, hedonis, as well as unhealthy work environment conditions.

    "So the thing to do is' Build Up The Great SCA Character ', or build a good SCA character, which can be built from the spiritual as well as social side," Sonny said on Sweep Clean Illegal Levies Task Force socialization, with the theme' Through Clean Sweeps Improve Quality of Service to the Community by Government Apparatus ", at Hotel Zamrud Cirebon City, Tuesday (10/10/2017).

    West Java Sweep Clean Illegal Levies Task Force also regularly held Socialization of Stop illegal levies (S2P), Prevention of illegal levies, Pest Management Prevention, Electronic Prevention of illegal levies, and Accelerate the establishment of Clean Sweep illegal levies Institution (USPI) units as Quantum Change or personal transformation the SCA to the better.

    "What is avoided begins with small-scale illegal levies, eventually rooted in and has a large impact, unregulated levies, not to be cultural roots, especially in public service agencies, so the apparatus loses its identity as a public service," Let's call it.

    So socialization activities that sharpen the understanding of the apparatus associated Perpres number 87 of 2016, is expected to lead the SCA to return to his 'Fitrah' as a public servant.

    According to the management of civil servants, based on Government Regulation No. 11 of 2017, it is necessary to instill in SCAs to work professionally, have basic professional ethical values, and be free from political intervention, and clean from corrupt, collusion and nepotism practices.

    Such capacity building can be pursued by adjustment of technical competence by adding knowledge, skills specific to the field in its working area. Then honing managerial competence, ability to organize work, and leadership. As well as inculcate socio-cultural competence, namely the expertise of interacting with the community, with insight into nationality, ethics, and moral values.

    "The work that we live today is the mandate of power, we do not betray the trust of Allah SWT," said Sonny.

    Chairman of West Java Clean Sweep Illegal Levies Task Force Kombes Pol Rusli Hedyaman revealed there are three forms of legal reform related to Clean Sweep Illegal Levies. First, the regulation arrangement, so that people can run the wheel of life safely and peacefully.

    "If regulation is difficult, it can not support a just community development program," he said.

    Second, reforming institutions and apparatuses as a law enforcement measure. According to Rusli, Clean Sweep Illegal Levies moves across agencies. He admitted, it has been diligent to curb officers who work doing things that are not appropriate duties.

    "We (Saber Pungli) is a synergy of various agencies, police, prosecutors, inspectorate, TNI," said Rusli.

    Then, what is important for society is the development of a legal culture. Change the mindset of people who think 'usually' to 'should', in accordance with applicable law. He mentions West Java Clean Sweep Illegal Levies Task Force, up to now has recorded 205 cases, with follow-up among them; (127 cases), p19 0 cases, p21 8 cases, 3 cases verdicts, returned to related institutions 3 cases, and non-yustisi 64 cases. Rusli said the clean sweeping effort, apart from the apparatus, also requires the active role of the community. If you find the practice of levy, people can report to Call Center (022) 422-4856, e-mail via saberpunglijabar@gmail.com, SMS / WA 082117323561, via Facebook in Pungli Jabar, and Instagram @saberpunglijabar account

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