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    Netty Will Follow the 21K Race at West Java Eco Marathon 2017


    BANDUNG-Chairman of TP PKK West Java Province Netty Heryawan declared her participation in the 21K race on the title of West Java Eco Marathon 2017 in Pangalengan, Bandung regency, on 15 October 2017.

    Netty refused subtly when called a runner. "I'm actually a beginner. Compared to my friends who are used to chasing run-off events even abroad, I do not have anything to do, "Netty said at a meeting with reporters with the committee of West Java Eco Marathon 2017 at Cafe Centropoint Trunojoyo Street no. 57 Bandung, Tuesday (10/10/17).

    In fact, Netty has several times following the Marathon run competition in some event. Among them 5K Run For Thalasemia, Run For Charity and Tahura Trail Run 10K and 17K. Netty has a personal motivation why she is very active and loves sports. This is because she had suffered a severe illness, but can survive because of diligent exercise after the advice of a doctor who took care of her. For this title, Netty claimed to have done a variety of physical exercises for stamina fit later.

    Netty further said this event has a multifunctional. "This activity is a multifunction, why? Because of the potential developers of tourism as well as educate the public about the awareness of maintaining the environment. We also have an obligation to inflame and cultivate a healthy living community, one of the options is easy and cheap is run, "he continued.

    Asset Management Director of PTPN 8 Gunara S said nearly 50 percent of the area of tea plantation became the location of the run at West Java Eco Marathon 2017. Runners will experience a tremendous sensation when running above sea level 1,400 - 1,600m. Runners will be treated to views of the predecessor heritage Tea plantations. In addition to being a means of educating the love of the environment and prepared track tracks that are safe for runners.

    The temporary number of participants in the last three months reached 1,500 runners. Followed by runners both homeland and abroad like from Kenya, Vietnam, Japan and the Netherlands. Among the runners who have registered there are 10 professional running athletes from Indonesia and Kenya. On this occasion also launched color jersey shirt according to race followed by 5K Green color, Orange 10K color, White color 21K and Yellow color 42K.

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