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    ITB Organizes Fun Run


    BANDUNG- Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) in cooperation with Solidarity Forever Foundation will hold Fun Run 5K activities in the framework of BNI ITB Ultra Marathon - Tribute to FTMD. This event will take a start at the Office of PLN Distribution of West Java, Bandung, to the Campus ITB on Ganesha Street 10, Bandung.

    Fun Run 5K event is held to welcome the ultra marathon runner who will run from Jakarta to ITB Campus in Bandung as far as 170 km from 13-15 October 2017.

    The event held to commemorate 75 years of mechanical engineering education at ITB and also to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ITB is intended to raise awareness and a sense of belonging to ITB alumni at the alma mater.
    In this event, there are 3 categories of events held, namely the Contest (prizes), Festival and Fun Run. The competition category is open to the public, while for the festival category only for ITB alumni and sponsors, while for Fun Run is also open to the public.

    For the race category, there are 3 types of contest: Solo 170K Man and Woman, 2x85K Mixed Relay and 4x42.5K Mixed Relay.

    While Fun Run 5K is held to welcome the arrival of ultra marathon runners, and will take the position of PLN Office Distribution of West Java in Asia Afrika Street, Bandung, to Campus ITB, Ganesha Street 10, Bandung.

    The competition and festivities whose registration started to open in early September 2017 have received a very enthusiastic response from the public, both from the general public and from the alumni of ITB itself. For Solo 170K category for example, the current status has been over subscribed where 40 ultra runners have signed up, and there are some runners who are still on the waiting list.

    So even with the category of Relay 16 festival, where in 1 team there are 16 runners who will relay run each of which will run as far as 10.7K to conquer a total distance of 170K. For this category, the roster of applicants who originally only for 20 teams had to be added to 41 teams because so many ITB alumni who enthusiastically follow this event. They come from various departments and various forces in ITB.

    "Seeing the enthusiasm of this huge community, the committee plans to make this event as an annual event, in the hope that this event can promote healthy lifestyle for the society in general, especially for ITB alumni and their families," said Solidarity Forever Foundation chairman Susilo Utomo ITB Rectorate, Tamansari Street Bandung, Monday (9/10).

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