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    West Java - Souss Massa is Increasingly Familiar


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received a visit from the ranks of the Government of Souss Massa Region, the Kingdom of Morocco, at Gedung Pakuan Building, Sunday (09/10/2017).

    The group attended, The First Vice President M. Abdeljebar Elqastalani, Member of the cooperation and training commision. Ahmed Aderrak, Cooperation manager M.Hassan Aassassa, The Thrird Vice President M. Hassan Marhoum, Economic and Social Commission M. Salah Biknouane, Corporation Manager Mrs. Sounia Mrabet.

    "This is a return visit from Souss Massa, in April 2017 and I went to Morocco, received various parties there, back in Morocco we signed the letter of intent, the will to build cooperation in various fields, with the umbrella of Sister Province, said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, at Gedung Pakuan State Building, after receiving a visit.

    Aher mentioned that in November, or next month, he and his staff will return to Morocco to implement the MoU with the Souss Massa Region government, as well as witnessing the 'Indonesian Exhibition' held there.

    Related to cooperation, Aher admitted that many agreements will be explored in various fields such as; development of small and medium enterprises, fisheries, tourism, trade and investment, arts and culture, education and other agreed areas.

    "There is a lot of cooperation, ranging from education, agriculture, including research cooperation between West Java with Souss Massa," continued Aher.

    Morocco, said the Governor, is very potential, among others, because of its geographical location which allows it to be the gateway for the entry of various Indonesian products to several countries in the west and north of Africa including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and a number of other free trade partners such as Turkey, countries of the European Union, and the United States.

    Aher hopes that the pioneering partnership can be a gateway for superior export products of West Java to these countries, and vice versa.

    "Where here there are advantages, they learn here, otherwise when there is a superiority we also learn the similarities," he added.

    Aher pointed out, one of the most sought after Souss Massa is Coffee and tea. Where the Moroccans love coffee or tea, but there are no coffee or tea plantations there. So they will be very open if there is export of coffee or tea from West Java to his country.

    The First Vice President M. Abdeljebar Elqastalani said it is very happy to be in West Java, where Bandung itself is a city that has a special place in the hearts of Moroccans.

    Where for Moroccans, the most historic moment of the Asian-African Conference, Because it became the milestone of independence of the Moroccan Empire, and the relationship established a close relationship between Morocco Indonesia.

    Nowadays, his side is present to strengthen the relationship, through cooperation relationship, explore the potential that can be synergized between the state of Souss Massa with West Java Province.

    "We have conducted several discussions (cooperation) as well as talks on the potential of cooperation that can be woven," he said

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