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    Pangandaran Disaster, Aher: Handled


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his concern over the disaster event that occurred in Pangandaran Regency. Aher also admitted, his side through the Provincial Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Indonesia Armed Forces-Police have been handling and distributing logistics assistance from Saturday evening, worth Rp322.681.315 in the form of logistics.

    "Both the Government of Pangandaran Regency, including the Indonesia Armed Forces-Police, and the people there, as well as the volunteers there have been united to conduct disaster mitigation," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan, in Bandung, Monday (09/10/2017).

    Data Pusdalops BPBD West Java Province mentioned as many as four subdistricts and 15 villages affected by floods. While the affected victims are at least 136 Head of Family / 2332 people. As of Monday (9/10/17) morning, 969 houses were submerged, damaged infrastructure including a 30 meter suspension bridge, a suspension bridge and a concrete bridge unit. The affected people have fled to relatives' homes.

    It is Mentioned, from the incident, BPBD West Java collaborate with Team Officer Fire and Disaster Prevention Service (DPKB) Pangandaran Regency in checking the condition of the location of the incident, sending rubber boat assistance, to the evacuation of residents. There are 372 volunteers from various social organizations and elements such as Tagana, Indonesia Armed Indonesia, Indonesia Police, Indonesia Red Cross, Rumah Zakat, ORARI, etc. involved in the early handling and evacuation of citizens.

    Aher also revealed that related to disaster status in Pangandaran, it is the right of Regent to determine it. He also mentioned that the emergency status of disasters should be set so that the aid still comes, so that the future does not happen a shortage.

    "Because if then unexpected funds are needed to anticipate evacuating the disaster, while there has not been a statement in the form of a decree of the regent that is deciding or declaring a disaster emergency,the fund can not come out because the letter states the true disaster happened, and deserve to receive the funds, "he added.

    In addition, Governor Aher also appealed to the public not to believe with pictures or photos of natural disasters in Pangandaran regency circulating in social media. Because there are a number of them that are lying or hoax images.

    "It is true that the disaster is there, but not as bad as what is described, it has been clarified, I make sure the pictures or photos spread in social media are hoaxes," he said.

    Aher connects, there are parties who want to confuse the atmosphere on the basis of certain interests. It could be a picture that is disseminated is a picture of engineering, or any image of disaster in other areas.

    "When we move to help them, suddenly there is news that describes things that are not real or hoaxes," he said.

    Aher stated that, of course, damaged infrastructure will soon be planned for completion, at least an emergency settlement.

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