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    West Java as Host for IMAGE 2017


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially opened the "Indonesia-Middle East Annual Gathering on Economy" (IMAGE) 2017, in the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (09/10/2017).

    This event is an annual program of the Directorate of Middle East, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia which this year held together with the Government of West Java Province.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan mentioned that the arrival of business relatives from the Middle East, bringing the mission of friendship informally, as well as formal meetings that discuss business at this event IMAGE 2017.

    Aher pointed out, the fruit of the establishment of informal and formal relationships such as before, before the activity began IMAGE, on October 7, 2017 has been signed MoU cooperation Sister Province between West Java Province and the State of Khartoum, Sudan. Further on October 11, 2017, will be signed MoU cooperation between Indonesia Chamber of Commerce West Java Province and Indonesia Chamber of Commerce Alger.

    "Before this meeting there was an informal meeting, such as West Java -Khartoum, Sudan, and also the meeting of West Java-Souss Massa, Morocco, which will be followed up with the signing of MoU Sister Province next month, in Morocco," Aher said.

    Aher also mentioned that at the 2013 IMAGE meeting will also be discussed various things, which not only offers business opportunities for middle east investors in West Java, but also offered business opportunities for domestic investors in a number of countries in the Middle East.

    Recorded 52 entrepreneurs from various countries in the Middle East participated in this activity. The entrepreneurs come from different business line backgrounds such as consumer goods, food, general trading, fashion, furniture, hotels, construction, to building materials.

    The Governor hopes IMAGE 2017 activities can provide concrete and meaningful contribution to economic development in West Java Province and can result in significant trade / business transactions.

    A number of representatives of the middle eastern countries that came from among them came from; Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates Arab, Morocco, Sudan and other middle east countries.

    "IMAGE's activities are expected to facilitate the realization of mutually beneficial business deals between West Java and the Middle East countries," Aher said.

    Director of the Middle East Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Sunarko said that the implementation of this activity is proof that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia actively optimize its function as an institution that bridges the inter-state interests.

    The goal of IMAGE 2017 is aimed at activating the cooperation of superior sector of West Java, with Middle East country. It is expected that the future will be held 'one-on-one' bussines meeting, to arrange 'plan of action' to be held.

    "We hope, business activities in Indonesia, West Java in particular can penetrate into the Middle East region as wide as possible," he hoped.

    Diplomatic Economics Expert Staff of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ridwan Hassan, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia is grateful for West Java's willingness in organizing IMAGE 2017 activities.

    Hassan revealed that the implementation of IMAGE 2017 is part of the economic diplomacy efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in bridging regional desire to seek various opportunities for economic cooperation with various parties overseas.

    "West Java province as the main destination of middle eastern business associates. Their presence in West Java, not without cause, extraordinary hospitality, respect for guests, in line with the character of middle eastern society, a similar, positive attitude between these two nations, "he said.

    "Hopefully from this visit, in addition to the subsequent business can also increase tourism visits, so that economic relations more closely," added Hassan.

    Hassan said that West Java is the most important province in Indonesia, not only has geographical proximity to the capital city of Jakarta, West Java also contributes 20% to the national economy, with the population also close to 20% of the national population.

    "West Java is a center of manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and various sectors, and it will not be enough with my words and Mr. Governor, prove our point, this should be the business opportunity," Hassan told Investor candidates.

    Also attending this event, a number of Ambassadors of Middle Eastern countries in Jakarta and the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Middle Eastern Countries, as well as businessmen from the Middle East. What is unique, in the opening procession of the Governor of West Java and the Middle East delegates together wearing Sundanese typical iket as a symbol of acceptance and friendship.

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