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    West Java Opens Cooperation With Khartoum Sudan


    BANDUNG-West Java Province began to open cooperation Sister Province with Sudan's Khartoum state. The cooperation agreement was signed in the MoU between West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Governor of Khartoum Abdelrahim Muhamed Hussein Abdelkarim at Gedung Pakuan Bandung on Saturday night (7/10).

    "This is a follow-up to the previous talks in Sudan in January 2017, at which time we agreed to cooperate in various fields, and in that time the Sudan had just created the LoI, not yet in the MoU" Aher said.

    Some areas to be cooperated according to Aher include industry, agriculture, tourism and education sectors.

    "We need each other, Sudan has a potential market for our agricultural products and technology, and many of our students are given a scholarship by Sudan, so do the opposite, but more of our students get scholarships from Sudan," Aher explained.

    The follow up of the MoU will be set up each team to discuss more details of the cooperation plan.

    "The legal umbrella is the sister of this province, while the derivatives will be created by a team from both sides, who will discuss in more detail what kind of cooperation and technicality," he explained.

    Saturday night, guests from Sudan were treated to dinner at Gedung Pakuan, the official residence of West Java Governor. In the meeting were also present some members of West Java Parliament. (Even)

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