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    60th Dies Natalis, Unpad Carries Environmental Theme


    BANDUNG-Padjadjaran University (Unpad) commemorates its 60th birthday with the theme of environmental conservation. The Unpad Anniversary celebration is also marked by holding an international out door seminar on environmental preservation at the Boscha Lembang Observatory on Saturday (7/10).

    "The environmental issue for Unpad does not stop at issue, but also about how to do real steps for its preservation for future generations" said Unpad Rector Tri Hanggono in his speech in English.

    Then to commemorate and imitate Prof. Otto Sumarwoto, a professor of Unpad, was also awarded the Otto Sumarwoto Award.

    "The contribution of Otto's mind, Bina Mulia Hukum dan Lingkungan Hidup Dalam Pembangunan Nasional (Environment in National Development) are still relevant until now to continue to be realized and developed" said Rector.

    The Rector hopes the award will provide new inspiration for academicians on the development of thoughts that have been donated by Otto Sumarwoto. (Even)

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