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    DPRD Appreciate the Governor's Opinion on Raperda of Fishermen


    BANDUNG-West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) expressed appreciation on the opinion of Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan related to the West Java DPRD’s initiative in the draft bylaws (RAPERDA) on the Protection and Empowerment of Fishermen.

    "We are appreciate the opinion by Governor of West Java relate to the draft bylaws on the Protection and Empowerment of Fishermen who have given positive support and constructive suggestions for the benefit and welfare of fishermen," said Yunandar R. Eka Perwira, Vice Chairman of Legislative Council of West Java in Parliament Plenary Meeting of West Java, Bandung, on Monday (18/1).

    The opinion of these Raperda and also his positive support, certainly can not be separated from the responsibility and authority possessed the Provincial Government and a hierarchical giving direction and guidance to districts/cities in West Java.

    Yunandar says fishermen in West Java as an integral part of the promotion and development of human resources that must continually be a common concern.

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