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    Pangandaran Flood and Landslide, 4 People Died


    BANDUNG -The heavy rain that fell since Friday night (06/10) has caused the rivers and the tributaries to overflow so that floods in Pangandaran and until Saturday morning (07/10) flood still soaked Perum Garden Aikika Complex Cikangkung village RT 01 RW 04 Village of Cikembulan Sidamulih subdistrict Pangandaran Regency West Java Province.

    Head of Information and Public Relations Data Center of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said, based on temporary data, 120 houses were flooded with flood water faces at Perum Garden Estetika Complex reached 2 meters.

    "Evacuation is carried out by the Fire and Disaster Prevention Agency of Pangandaran (DPKPB) with Indonesia Armed Forces, Police, Basarnas, BPBD West Java Province, SKPD, volunteers and the community," he said.

    According Sutopo, rain also caused landslides that hoard two houses in Sangkang Bawang Hamlet RT 19 RW 08 Village Kalijati Sidamulih District Pangandaran Regency.

    "The landslide hit two houses inhabited by 2 families (7 people), 4 people died and 3 people were lightly buried in landslides and the casualties have been evacuated," Sutopo said, through a release received by www.Jabarprov.go.id.

    The victim died on behalf of Mrs. Yuyun (36), Aldi (6), Andika (8 months), and Mrs. Arsih (60) while minor injuries were Rasman (40), Ari (14), and Anida (8 months).

    Based on info from PotSar Pangandaran there are points of Disaster UP DATE Saturday 07 October 2017. At 11.00 am
    1, namely: Landslide in Sangkanbawang Village RT. 019 / RW. 008 Kalijati Village Sidamulih Subdistrict, Disaster Impact 1 Heavy damaged House u / n. Rusman (Number 2 KK 7 Souls). 4 Dead Souls Death .. (Landslide)
    2. Cilamian Bridge, Cibunian Village Margacinta District Cijulang. (FLOOD)
    3. Ciokong Village 01/01 Sukaresik Village Sidamulih Subdistrict. (FLOOD)
    4. behind ATM BRI Cikembulan Sidamulih Subdistrict. (FLOOD)
    5. Area of Islamic Boarding School Babakan Jamanis Pasir kiara village parigi Village, Parigi Subdistrict.
    6. Pananjung Village, Pangandaran Regency. (FLOOD)
    7. Girisetra Hamlet Kalipucang Village, Subdistrict of Kalipucang. (FLOOD)
    3 RWs affected by RW 03 (RT 01 to RW 05) RW 02 (01 to RW 06) RW 01 (RT 02, RT 03)
    8. Cintaratu Elementary School Subdistrict of Parigi.

    9. Cijalu (Border of Parigi - Pasir Kiara) District of Parigi. (FLOOD)
    10. Ciamanggu Hamlet RT 01, 02 Cikalong Village, 3 Impacted Houses
    And One House u.n Maman (Part Damaged Medium) Sidamulih sub-district (BANJIR)
    11. Block Cinerus RW 01 Dusun Cimanggu Cikalong Village Sidamulkih sub-district (BANJIR)
    12. Aesthetic Cikembulan Garden Housing due to River Flow
    Water Height on the road up to 2 meters, Housing Complex 80 cm-1 m. impacted 120 Houses Address dsn Cikangkung RT 01/04 Cikembulan Village Sidamulih subdistrict Total Soul affected 525 (FLOOD)
    13. Cikangkung Village Neighborhood Tiadur Majaihid Mosque Jammi Cikangkung Hamlet affected 50 Houses, Refugee of 15 people to Refugee location: Cikembulan Community Health Center (Source Dr. Dilla)

    Sidamulih Sub-district (BANJIR)
    14. Patrol Hamlet RT 02 RW 03 Village of Cibenda sub-district of Parigi (BANJIR)
    15. Sukasari and Karangnangka Hamlet Bojong Village and sub-district Parig. (FLOOD)
    16. Pamotan hamlet RT. 01 RW. 03 Village of Pamotan Kalipucang sub-district. (FLOOD)
    17. Sentul Sub-Village Sukanagara Village Padaherang District. (AVALANCHE)
    . (Parno)

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