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    Local Animator Must Defend Nation's Identity


    CIMAHI-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, advised local animators to continue to defend the nation's identity and traditional values in animated works created, especially those targeting children's consumers.

    "The story is lifted and graphic scenes are displayed friendly for children, entertaining a healthy and educational elements that have a positive impact to build the character of the next generation of the nation," he said.

    Vice Governor hopes, from the event Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) will be born the powerful animators who are able to bring Indonesia into a "global player" in the animation industry world.

    "Being a" global player "will provide a significant" multiplier effect "on inclusive economic growth, increased labor force participation and foreign exchange earnings," he said.

    Vice Governor also expects, to the animators to present the content or local stories that exist in our society and explore the existing local values and culture of each animation it produces.

    "The work of animation raises the local story, dig the value of existing values in our society, do not see the characters from other countries," said Vice Governor, in his speech at the opening of BIAF 2017, in Cimahi Technopark, Baros, Cimahi, West Java, Friday / 10). (Parno)

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