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    Telkomsel's 4G LTE Network Guards the 72nd Anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces


    BANDUNG-As a form of support for the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), Telkomsel participated by presenting high-tech telecom cellular telecommunication technology 4G LTE around the location of the ceremony centered at Darmaga Indah Kiat, Cilegon-Banten.

    General Manager of ICT Operation Jabotabek Telkomsel, Moelky Furqan said that supported 9 BTS 4G LTE have reaching the subdistrict around the ceremony location, Telkomsel also alerted additional 2 units Compact Mobile BTS (COMBAT) to ensure the comfort of telecommunication access thousands of visitors and state guests who attended there stay awake.

    "Telkomsel pronounces the 72nd Anniversary for all Indonesian Armed Forces personnel. We hope that Telkomsel's most complete service presence and network presented at this anniversary can provide a different experience for the visitors who are present to share and capture those annual moments through social media or instant messaging, "he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (6 / 10/2017)

    During the event, Telkomsel recorded a significant jump in data traffic services by more than 1100% compared to normal days, especially around the location of the celebration event at Darmaga Indah Kiat.

    The surge in data traffic is also boosted by the high utilization of broadband services using Telkomsel's 4G LTE network access by thousands of visitors who mostly come from various regions around Banten Province, such as Serang and Pandeglang.

    For Cilegon and surrounding areas, Telkomsel's data service user growth increased by more than 14% compared to the previous year. This prompted Telkomsel to continue to increase the penetration of broadband-based data services utilization through the need for 4G LTE network coverage and delivering up to 7GB combo data quota package product with bonus of call and SMS service for customers in Banten Province and surrounding areas.

    "We also hope that through the support of 4G LTE's leading technology network in the celebration of the anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces, which is also one of the leading areas of Indonesia can strengthen Telkomsel's concern in presenting and ensuring the best service quality up to the country" he concluded. (MAT)

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