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    Demiz Calls Economic Growth Rate of West Java Exceeds National


    BANDUNG-West Java Province became one of the two provinces on the island of Java capable of posting positive economic performance in the second quarter of 2017. West Java's economy grew 5.29 percent or above the national economic growth rate (LPE) of 5.01 percent. Accompanying inflation was 4.31 percent.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar explained, Indonesia's advantages are influenced by the macroeconomic environment that ranked 26th of the world. This can not be separated from the contribution of West Java which reached 13.08 percent of the LPE or Groos Domestic Product (GDP) Indonesia, which occupied the top 3 after DKI and East Java and even West Java contribution to GDP contribution reached 43.03 percent.

    West Java Province has the largest human resources in Indonesia. In 2016 the population of West Java reached 46.7 million people or equal to 18 percent with the population of Indonesia. This year the population of West Java is projected to reach 47.38 million people with a total labor force of about 18.79 million people.

    "That is why from the 12 pillars of global competitiveness, Indonesia excel in the market magnitude that occupies the top 9 position in the world," he told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (6/10/2017)

    The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said the increase in economic growth in the West Java sector is supported by three main sectors, namely the manufacturing sector with 42 percent contribution, followed by the trade and agriculture sectors.

    Associated with investment in West Java, until the first half of 2017. West Java is still the first investor destination for foreign investment (PMA) the first in Indonesia with an investment of Rp33.21 trillion or USD 2.49 billion.

    Demiz added the province of West Java became the second largest domestic investment destination (PMDN) in Indonesia with an investment value of Rp33.21 trillion or approximately USD 2.49 billion. It is also the second largest investment destination in Indonesia with an investment of Rp 20.89 trillion or USD 1.57 billion, the first of East Java for PMDN.

    "Thus total investment realization in West Java amounted to Rp54, 11 trillion or about USD 4.06 billion with the number of projects as many as 4018 LKPM projects and employment as much as 101.452 people," he concluded. (MAT)

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