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    Rumah Zakat Held A Guidance Program for Koran Tutor in Cisero Garut


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat held a guidance program for Koran tutors in Berdaya Village Cisero Cisurupan, Garut on Tuesday (3/10). Wahyu Suryaman, the facilitator of Berdaya Village Cisero said that the guidance is a monthly routine activity involving the Koran tutors in Berdaya Village Cisero Village and in synergy with Rumah Zakat in reading Koran activity (Maghrib Mengaji).

    "This coaching activity aims to establish friendship between Rumah Zakat and Koran tutors in Berdaya Village Cisero. In addition, also to add insight and equate perceptions among the tutors of Koran in order to realize the Cisero Islami community, "added Wahyu.

    Ustadzah Nia (40) one of the tutors said, "Alhamdulillah with the building activity from Rumah Zakat we got new insight, so that more motivated to guide our students," he said.

    From the release of Rumah Zakat, with the guidance of Koran tutors, is expected to be the starting point to revive the recitation, especially to re-enliven in reading Koran in various regions like ancient times.

    Currently, new coaching activities are attended by only a few teachers. The guidance is carried out in the house, mosque, and madrasah in the vicinity of Berdaya Village Cisero Garut. (Even)

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