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    Unpad Will Give Environmental Award


    BANDUNG - Padjadjaran University (Unpad) will provide Otto Soemarwoto Award which is a tribute to environmental activists or who contribute to the environment. Otto Soemarwoto Award will be held to coincide with the implementation of the International Conference on Environment (Outdoor) Seminar on Eco-Development "at Boscha Observatory, Lembang, on Saturday (7/10).

    Unpad Rector Tri Hanggono Ahmad said the award to world academics dedicated to the environment and sustainable development is based on the thoughts of three prominent figures of Unpad, namely Prof. Otto Soemarwoto, Prof. Mochtar Koesoemaatmadja, and Prof. Didi Atmadilaga embodied in the Unpad Scientific Principal Pattern.

    "Through Otto Soemarwoto Award, Unpad wants to strengthen and encourage academics to stay on the basis of Prof. Otto Soemarwoto in the environmental field. Contribution of thought Prof. Otto through PIP Unpad "Bina Mulia Hukum dan Lingkungan Hidup dalam Pembangunan Nasional (Environment in National Development)" are considered relevant until now.

    The award is an international level because this environmental problem can not be done sectorally.

    Otto Soemarwoto Award held in the framework of Dies Natalis to-60 is the first breakthrough made Unpad. Academic leaders are selected as recipients of this award. The academic services that helped maintain the environment through scholarship and research are not widely known to the public.

    Representative committee of Otto Soemarwoto Award, Chay Asdak, M.Sc., PhD, said, there are special criteria to become nominees for the award recipient. These criteria, among others, are from relevant academics in the field of ecology and development, global, highly committed to ecology and development at the local, national, and global levels, have good academic performance and record, and have international networks.

    "Candidates also have academic relationship with Prof. Otto Soemarwoto and has academically worked with Unpad, "said Chay.

    Hopefully, this award will give a new inspiration for academics to the development of thought that has been donated by Prof. Otto. The plan, this award will be given Unpad every two years. jo

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