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    2018, West Java Targets to Build 100 Thousand Uninhabitable Houses Unit


    GARUT-West Java provincial government is pursuing the target of building 100 thousand units of uninhabitable houses (rutilahu) until 2018. A number of uninhabitable houses is a combination of assistance programs West Java provincial government, central government, and city-regency.

    "West Java provincial government has built 60 thousand uninhabitable houses, should be 70 to 80 thousand uninhabitable houses yes, because it stuck the Act 23/2014, two years ago," said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, after reviewing construction of uninhabitable houses in Rancabuaya, Garut regency, (5/10)

    Next year, he added, West Java provincial government is expected to build uninhabitable houses as much as 20ribu unit. While the central government plans to build 10 thousand units.

    Described, the construction of uninhabitable houses less capable citizens is actually not fully financed by the government. But also assisted by the community around the beneficiaries independently.

    "So the government is only a stimulant, for example the government gives 15 million, so the rest will be assisted by the community self-help," said Demiz.

    In addition to channeling stimulant funds, the government also established a facilitator of funding management both from the government and self-help funds from the community. The facilitator is appointed from the community members themselves.

    "The facilitator also functions as a supervisor and he or she manages the use of grants so the recipients do not receive cash, if they are given money for others" said Deddy, joking.

    While on the agenda of that activity, Demiz review the construction of three units of uninhabitable houses in Purbayani Village, District Caringin, Garut regency. (Even)


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