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    Medium Tank Made Within Country Performed on the 72nd Anniversary of the Indonesia Armed Forces


    BANDUNG-For the first time, Pindad presented medium tank prototype of development along with Turkish FNSS in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia Armed Forces on October 5, 2017 at Indah Kiat Dock, Cilegon.

    President Director of Pindad, Abraham Mose said the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo and Indonesia Armed Forces Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo witnessed the first appearance of medium tanks and other Pindad-made vehicles at the main tool of the defense system Demo / Defile sessions. The theme of this year's anniversary of the Indonesia Armed Forces is "Together with the People of Indonesia Armed Forces are Strong".

    According to Abraham Mose, the presence of a medium tank is a proof of the ability of the domestic defense industry that is able to compete and is an effort to meet the needs of self defense main tool of the defense system equipment.

    "We are proud to showcase the first medium tank of children of the country under development with FNSS, Turkey. The presence of this medium tank shows that the domestic defense industry is very capable to produce high-tech innovative products in support of independence defense equipment to maintain the sovereignty of Unitary Republic of Indonesia, "said Abraham told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (05/10/2017)

    The medium tank project is a government program that includes the 7 strategic development of the Ministry of Defense to enhance the ability of BUMNIS to compete with foreign defense industry.

    The medium-tank design is tailored to user needs criteria, based on modern combat strategies where ease of mobilization becomes one of the advantages besides its own ability.

    The Pindad and FNSS tank design medium features the latest ballistic defense and mine threat capabilities. This latest generation tank is equipped with a wide range of combat capabilities ranging from close-up protection to infantry troops to combat battleships.

    Medium Tank has specifications: maximum weight 35 tons, has power 20 HP / ton, maximum speed 70 km / hour, can accommodate 3 crew consisting of Commander, shooter and driver, and have main weapon turret caliber 105mm which have power destroyed big.

    Medium tanks are equipped with the latest technology, such as Battlefield Management System, modern communication tools, self-awareness tools that can monitor threats to themselves, and are equipped with protection against NATO level 5 threats.

    "Turret medium tanks have an autoloader mechanism, with 12 bullets in the turret and 30 spare bullets in the hull," explained Abraham.

    Also participating in the main tool of the defense system demo are the Anoa Combat Vehicles, Panzer Badak, Komodo Mistral and the amphibious Anoa Amphibious maneuvering and forming formations in the oceans alongside other amphibious vehicles.

    Pindad artificial weapons such as SS1 and SS2 of various variants used by each unity are also seen in a parade of troops followed by 5,932 people.

    "It is certainly an honor that Pindad can actively participate in the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Armed Forces, hopefully the Indonesian Armed Forces will be more solid and able to maintain the sovereignty of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and realize the national aspiration," Together with Community, Indonesian Armed Forces are strong, "he concluded. (MAT)

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