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    Three Strategies to Control Illegal Drugs Circulation


    BANDUNG-The Government through the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) is committed to combat drug trafficking with the launching of the National Action on Illegal Drug Eradication.

    Head of POM Bandung City, Abdul Rahim said the purpose of this action was initiated to eradicate illegal drugs and drug abuse in Indonesia.

    "There are three strategies in the eradication of illegal drug distribution in Indonesia," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (04/10/2017).

    Abdul Rahim explained there are three strategies in BPOM supervision to prevent the occurrence of illegal drug circulation and drug abuse such as prevention, supervision and action strategy.

    Prevention strategies are carried out through strengthening regulations, implementing communications, information and education (IEC), community empowerment and enhancing cross-sector coordination.

    The second strategy is supervision, including strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation, strengthening management and database utilization, intensifying risk-based supervision and strengthening regulatory implementation.

    Meanwhile, the strategy of action is focused on the stage of importation, production and distribution of drugs through three approaches, namely case mapping and potential vulnerability of cases as well as cross-sectoral cooperation and the preparation of work guidelines.

    Prior to the declaration of this National Action, BPOM Bandung has conducted an integrated operation together with cross-related sectors, namely West Java Police, Police Resort of District / City, District Health Office / City, BNN-K and other relevant agencies.

    According to Abdul Rahim, an integrated operation carried out special supervision of drugs that are often abused, especially certain drugs (OTT).

    In addition, an integrated audit of authorized production and distribution facilities was conducted to verify the withdrawal and destruction of drug products containing Carisoprodol active substances that have been withdrawn from circulation since 2013.

    "We invite all levels of society to provide support and commitment in efforts to eradicate drug abuse in Indonesia, the success indicator that there is no more illegal circulation and abuse of certain drugs in Indonesia," he concluded. (MAT)

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