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    These are a number of Law Conscious Village Criteria


    BANDUNG-Getting a village title or urban village aware of the law is not easy. But more and more villages and sub-villages are aware of the law, will make it easier for the government to prosper the community.

    This was stated by Governor Ahmad Heryawan when giving a speech at the awards ceremony Anubhawa Sasana Desa Sadar Hukum, Wednesday (4/10) located at the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung.

    Aher continued, a number of criteria that include the ability to pay land taxes and buildings (PBB) villages that have been above 90%. This indicates if the village is indeed tax-conscious.

    In addition, there are criteria that suggest there is no discovery of underage marriage. Because marriage underage will make households not strong, children born less healthy and many other bad things that have implications on public health, he explained.

    Then the crime rate is low, the social problem is low, there are no drug cases that happened including the case of human rights violation.

    "If the criteria is appropriate then automatically the welfare of the village community increases," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Other things that also get an assessment are the good level of education and the dropout rates in the village are under control. jo

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