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    Aher Ensures that the House of Representatives will draft the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Act


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) considers that the formation of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Supervisory Team (Timwas TKI) initiated by the House of Representatives will bring good news as there will be laws regulating the sending of labor abroad.

    Previously there has been a change with the One Stop Integrated Service (LTSP) led by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which brings good news as well because the flow of overseas shipping is becoming clearer.

    "Indonesian Migrant Workers will be fully recorded data in the regency and provinces, can only be sent abroad," said the Governor told reporters at the building Sate Bandung, Wednesday (4/10/2017)

    Heryawan explained, the delivery of these workers will be monitored well by involving local government (local government). LTSP said the Governor is not only limited to services initiated by the KPK, Provincial Government (Pemrov) and District Government (Pemkab) but at the same time it is an improvement of the labor system, especially labor sent overseas.

    "Indonesian migrant workers and migrant workers will be invited to be invited better," Heryawan said.

    West Java Provincial Government, said Heryawan has made a Regional Regulation (Perda) on the protection of migrant workers. But the enforcement must have the establishment of the Act.

    "This is the ideal of West Java when it was created, indeed the regulation was mandated by institutions like LTSP, and of course the clarity of the flow of migrant workers abroad," Heryawan explained.

    LTSP that was initiated along with the KPK was more effective. Now there is an idea to revise the Law so much more effectively.

    "Who will be evasive when it is in the Act. This will be much more effective again," he said.

    With regard to the rehabilitation place for migrant workers who become victims of deportation, said Aher, so far West Java Provincial Government already has a place of rehabilitation. Although temporarily still united with mental hospital and Social Service (Dinsos) West Java.

    "Of course, in the future, if it is to be devoted to Indonesian Migrant Workers, I think the existing one can be used, even West Java in the future will have Indonesian Migrant Workers Center on Soekarno Hatta street Bandung," he concluded. (MAT)

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