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    Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway Will Integrated With LRT and MRT


    JAKARTA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the high-speed railway connecting Jakarta and Bandung will be integrated with the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Bandung Raya, and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Jabodetabek. Thus said after meeting with the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo at the Presidential Office on Friday (01/15/16).

    These integration is based on a large population, among the residents of Jakarta (approximately 28 million people) and Bandung Raya (eight million people). It expected with the presence of the fast train, MRT, and LRT will able to overcome problems in Jakarta, Bandung and its surroundings because it’s all support each other.

    “Insya Allah, next week we will held a meeting with Bandung city government related to MRT Bandung Raya. Bandung and West Java has their own concept then we will integrated its concept," said Aher.

    "Our design will be submitted to KCIC (PT. Kereta Cepat Indonesia Cina). The concept we had before, we integrated with KCIC had. We connect the plan of West Java and Bandung through the  connectivity by MRT Bandung Raya,” he said.

    In addition, the trase permit issued by Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan. Then it planned the construction permits completed by January 20, 2016. After that, the fast train groundbreaking will be conducted on January 21, 2016. Precisely at kilometre of 95 in Walini District, West Bandung.

    “The environmental impact analysis (Amdal) is in process, Insya Allah, the construction permit will be out on January 20, 2016. If the construction permit is completed then the groundbreaking will be held on January 21, 2016," he said.

    This meeting was also presented by Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan, Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahya Purmama, Secretary of Bandung, as well as other related parties.

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