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    Aher Invites Political Parties Pay Attention To Agricultural


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor H. Ahmad Heryawan says West Java awarded many potential compared of others province in Indonesia, such as high rainfall. Therefore, we have an obligation to keep this region as the national paddy granary.

    “Alhamdulilah, although our wetlands slightly compared with Central Java and East Java, we remain as the largest paddy producer in Indonesia. I deliberately said this so that we realise our agriculture potential,” said Ahmad Heryawan in his speech in the opening discussion of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) at Grand Aquilla Hotel, West Java on Saturday.

    He added in the economic downturn that hit most countries in the world, including Indonesia, the impact would be greater if our country is the industrialised based. But fortunately, it is not happen due to of agriculture basis in our country.

    Next, as an agriculture country, Indonesia would be interested and expected their contribution in the international. It’s in line with population growth and food needs.

    “Alhamdulilah, it’s prove that farmers from West Java be regarded for its readiness to maintain food security. Even the majority of farmers in South Sulawesi are from West Java. When I discussing with Mr. Jusuf Kala, he also states that people from South Sulawesi had been learned farming from West Java," he said

    Agriculture is an important factor as a country that inhabited by 55% fisherman and farmers. In the future, by taking care of the improvement agricultural sector in all regions in Indonesia, it will affect not only on food security but also the welfare of farmers in Indonesia.

    “By this condition, I want to invites political parties to pay attention, especially in agriculture and fisheries sector,” he said.


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