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    Minister of Social Affairs Appeals Local Government to Supervise the Distribution and Quality of Rastra (Prosperous Rice)


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) requested the local government (local government) to continue to oversee the distribution including the quality of prosperous rice (rastra) to be feasible for consumption by the community.

    Ministry of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa also appealed to the people who obtained the rice prosperous (rastra) with unfit conditions such as lousy rice to be returned to Bulog. It has also been submitted by Bulog and will replace it within 1 X 24 hours.

    "If a rastra is found that is not worth the consumption then certainly the local government must check because the distribution process to the shared point, it is authority of the local government," said Khofifah told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (3/10/2017).

    "I have to say many times to restore the unfeasible rice such as lice and so forth," said Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

    Khofifah revealed some areas have returned unfeasible rice consumption such as Purbalingga, Kudus, Aceh Utara and Lhokseumawe.

    Bulog has prepared a warehouse to store rice that is not worth consumption. In accordance with the mechanism, that from the procurement, storage until the point of distribution is the authority of Bulog. While the distribution point to shared point is the authority of local government.

    "Let each region monitor, check and check that the rice distributed to the community is suitable for consumption, if it is known that it is not feasible for consumption to be returned to the bulog warehouse because the mechanism is like that," she explained.

    Technically, said Khofifah rice can not be directly distributed because it must be through the first checks to be feasible public consumption.

    Minister of Social Affairs mentioned the return of unfit consuming rice in DI Aceh. But the volume can not be mentioned because the Ministry of Social Affairs has not counted the returned rice.

    "Since August, Aceh has returned rice that is not worth consumption, but there has been no feed back how many," she said.

    Furthermore, Minister of Social Affairs explained that there are still 51 districts claiming that the realization of the rice is still below 65 percent of North Aceh, Lhokseumawe and Kudus. Another low realization occurred in Pamekasan because cash and carry means to pay in front of newly received rice. This format has been coordinated with Bulog and 51 other districts.

    "If Purbalingga already in March then return the rice to the bulog and the rice has not returned to the community," she said.

    Ministry of Social Affairs is targeting next year to reduce the unfeasible rice because 10 million of the 15.5 million will be received through non-cash food aid.

    "Meanwhile, food aid has been rolled out in 44 cities, targeting 95 cities and 118 regencies next year," she said. . (MAT)

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