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    Now, Social Workers Have Certificate of Competence


    BANDUNG - Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos), Khodifah Indar Parawansa said that currently there are six types of social workers (Peksos) in STKS who already have  Certificate of Competence namely Poverty and CSR social workers, Children, Napza, Disaster, Medical and Disability.

    This was disclosed by Minister of Social and Culture Khofifah after attending the Senate Open Session in connection with the Graduation Ceremony of the First Masterpiece of Social Work of the First Specialist (SP-1) and the 47th Bachelor of Applied Science of Academic Year 2013/2014 at the campus of Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial (STKS) Bandung, Tuesday (3/10/2017)

    Khofifah appealed that STKS graduates participate in helping the government in alleviating poverty and social welfare development in Indonesia.

    "For the first time and the only university in Indonesia which at the time of graduation already has a Social Workers Certificate of Competence (Peksos)," said Khofifah

    Graduates who have graduated must go down from the lecture bench to the community. Dedicate in poverty alleviation and other social welfare issues.

    Social Minister explained that there are six types of social workers at STKS which have certificate of competency namely Poverty and CSR, Child, Napza, Disaster, Medical and Disability social workers.

    "When they graduated, they have got the certificate of certificate, it is part of the process that was done in social affairs ministry before they just can reach 200 people now has reached 2000 people," he said.

    To the graduates of STKS Bandung, Social Minister congratulates and awaits the achievements inscribed by Indonesian Professional Social Workers.

    "Indonesia has a professional Social Worker. All of them are STKS graduates," he said

    Meanwhile, STKS Bandung in 2017 inaugurated 382 people with details of Graduation of Magister of Social Work Specialist-1 as many as 22 people and Graduates of Applied Bachelor of Social work as many as 360 people. (MAT)

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