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    West Java People Present at the Inauguration of Pajajaran Street in Yogyakarta


    BANDUNG-A number of West Java community leaders attended the inauguration of Pajajaran and Siliwangi Street in Yogyakarta Special Province (DI) conducted by Yogyakarta Governor Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Mayor M. Ridwan Kamil.

    According to a release received by jabarprov.go.id, the Yogyakarta Road Artery (Ring Road) inaugurated today, Tuesday (03/10) is a National Road, whose work is done gradually from 1994 and used in full in 2010.

    Arterial road is divided into three major roads namely the North West, North and South. The road is then subdivided into six streets named Siliwangi Road along 8.58 km, Pajajaran 10 km, Majapahit 3.08 km, Ahmad Yani 6.50 km, Prof. Dr. Wiryono Projodikoro, SH 2.70 km and Jalan Brawijaya along 5.84 km, so the total length of the road is 36.73 km.

    In the past since the Bubat War there was no road named Sunda kingdom in Central Java including Yogyakarta, and vice versa. But now, there are Pajajaran and Siliwangi Street in Yogyakarta Special Province (DI).

    In addition to the Governor of West Java and Mayor of Bandung, present in the inauguration of the road include public figures, cultural / artists and academics and politicians from the city of Bandung Ceu Popong Otje Djundjunan, Darmawan Hardjakusumah or better known Kang Acil Bimbo, Noeri Ispandji Chairman AMS, Lucky Hendrawan, and Prof. Dr. Eddy Jusuf. (Parno)

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