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    Help the Victims of Mount Agung, Ministry of Social Affairs Prepare 290 Thousand Tons of Rice


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) prepared about 290 thousand tons of rice to help victims of natural disasters of Mount Agung in Bali Province.

    Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa said since 18 September 2017 the team of Ministry of Social Affairs has been in the refugee shelter of the victims of natural disaster of Mount Agung in turns.

    Ministry of Social Affairs fielded two teams including a team that will coordinate logistical adequacy as well as the Psyicosocial Support Services team (LDP).

    Minister of Social Affairs claimed to have obtained an Emergency Decree (SK) from the Governor of Bali as well as the Regent of Karang Asem, Bangli, Gianyar and Klungkung Bali.

    "This means that the total national government rice reserve of 290 thousand tons will be distributed directly to the areas where the natural disasters caused by Mount Agung," he told reporters in Bandung on Tuesday (3/10/2017)

    Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed rice assistance to Bali and Karang Asem. Furthermore, Bangli and Gianyar and Klungkung are ongoing. The evacuation center, said Minister of Social Affairs, it is located in Karang Asem but 9 other districts provide services for refugees belonging to the red zone with a radius of 12 km.

    Khofifah wants to ensure to all parties that the distribution of aid, especially rice can be well received by the victims of the natural disaster. Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs will issue from the Government Rice Reserve (CBP) originating from districts / municipalities, PGs and Ministry of Social Affairs.

    "God willing, the amount of logistics, especially our rice in a very adequate position because the stock reaches 290 thousand tons," he said

    Social Minister affirmed that emergency response is applicable to all areas experiencing natural disasters including in West Java. Because, starting in August 2017 there was a drought in some provinces so the government has issued rice reserves.

    "With the region's record issued an emergency decree so they have the right to issue 100 tons CBP," he said

    Meanwhile, if the Provincial Government issued an Emergency Decree, it is entitled to issue CBP as much as 200 tons. If all is used then the Ministry of Social Affairs will provide assistance.

    "I want to make sure the origin of the emergency decree from the Regent, the Governor has been issued and CBP is already in use so stay intensified coordination so we can make sure there is no unfulfilled rice both in refugee point and drought area," he concluded. (MAT)

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