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    One Fine Day Movie is Coming Soon


    BANDUNG-A recent film masterpiece work on production house Screenplay Films. After the success of printing quality drama films like Magic Hour (2015), London Love Story (2015), I Love You From 38,000 Feet (2015), Promise (2016), and London Love Story 2 (2016) then this year Homeland Movie lovers must wait for the latest movie titled One Fine Day.

    The rising young stars Michelle Ziudith, Jefri Nichol and Maxime Bouttier were lined up to take part in the film by Asep Kusdinar. Jefri Nichol previously successfully bewitched the audience through his acting as Rama in the horror movie Jailangkung, a film that has collected more than 2 million viewers since aired on the day of Eid.

    While acting Michelle Ziudith also no doubt, he already has a place in the hearts of Indonesian movie lovers thanks to the acting skills in the movie Magic Hour, London Love Story 1 & 2 and I Love You From 38,000 Feet. The combination of acting Jefri Nichol and Michelle Ziudith also become a thing worth looking forward to in this movie, let alone the new first brought together in a film that adds curiosity in the audience.

    In the midst of busy shooting the film One Fine Day on Sunday (1/10) Michelle and Nichol took time greeting media colleagues in CFD Bandung accompanied by Head of Culture and Tourism Bandung, Kenny Kania Dewi.

    In addition to the storyline and character, there is something else on offer from Screenplay Films in the movie One Fine Day, which is a beautiful and breathtaking view of the city of Barcelona, Spain. The audience will be pampered with the beauty of Barcelona beach, the shimmering sand and the soothing blue sea of the eye, making them feel welcome watching the One Fine Day movie.

    "We want to bring a different story of love story in the appeal of previous films, the love story in this movie will be more wild and sensual," said Tisa TS, as the screenwriter of the One Fine Day movie, Tuesday (3/10).

    Currently the One Fine Day movie is still in production stage. The cast and crew will complete the shooting process at a number of locations in Barcelona for approximately 3 weeks. (Even)

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