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    Telkom University Awarded e-Mark Award


    BANDUNG-Electronic marketing (e-Mark) is a revolutionary business of the digital era today, the financial transformation is so fast, the presence of information technology to make the business flow of the world shifted direction. Telkom University as a reputable university of information technology, recently held the largest ICT exhibition in Indonesia, with the theme Digital Broadband Summit. In addition to bringing together national and world scale companies, the title is Bandung ICT Expo as well as the momentum of recognition of the best transformative company.

    Best e-Mark, is an award aimed at companies with digital-based financial transformation (e-money), this award is best-earned with the support of Marketing and SWA Business Magazine. Telkom University at least this year awarded Best e-Mark to 21 Multi-National Companies.

    Telkom University Rector Professor Mochamad Ashari revealed that financial transactions technology (Fintech) today goes into daily life, allowing users to perform Cashless transactions. "Financial transformation has reached the penetrative stage, we can not delay, Cashless generation must be welcomed with technological innovation qualified, and the company (the best e-mark award recipient) has reached it all very well" he said.

    Furthermore, Professor Ashari explained that the program is a tribute to selected companies in the utilization and management of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems or applications in the field of marketing and sales.

    "Through this event, it is expected to be able to capture selected companies that succeed in improving business performance thanks to the management and utilization of information and communication technology in a precise, smart and efficient way in marketing and sales" he said.

    Also attributed to Director of Digital and Strategic Portfolio of Telkom Indonesia, David Bangun agrees with Nazief, he thinks the quality of human resources is important to be able to compete with foreign players. (Even)

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