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    Demiz Invites Industry Actors Karawang to Plant Mangroves in Pantura


    KARAWANG REGENCY-Environmental conditions and ecosystems in the North Coast area Karawang regency is very worrying. This is the impact of coastal abrasion caused by the effects of global climate change.

    Further impact, this abrasion led to the destruction of residential areas of citizens up to tens of meters, resulting in reduced land area on the North Coast. In order not to have a worse impact there needs to be real action. West Java Provincial Government also conducted a joint movement of Planting Mangrove in North Coast Area of Karawang.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) directly invites the industry actors in Karawang regency involved in the environmental saving movement Pantura Karawang. Demiz said this call before the leaders or representatives of the company in Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) and industrial area of Surya Cipta, Karawang Regency.

    "I want to direct others (companies in Karawang) to plant Mangrove, Mangrove is able to save nature, especially beaches, the environment is already threatened," said Demiz while conducts Socialization of Environmental Development Program in West Java North Sea Mangrove Rehabilitation Program Karawang in Graha KIIC, Industrial Area KIIC, Karawang regency, Tuesday (3/10/17).

    "This company exists how in the past two years the focus has been on Mangrove, this is a commitment, this is a condition where we have to play an active role, let us both save our nature, the same with Pantura together let us save," he said.

    Mangrove will be able to provide great benefits for the coastal environment as well as the surrounding community. If it has grown into a forest area, Mangrove will not only serve as a coastal abrasion retainer. In addition, Mangrove can be a new location for tourism and even a source of community nutrition improvement. In the Mangrove area will grow a variety of marine life, as well as economic empowerment of the community.

    In terms of funding, the cost required to plant Mangrove is also not too large. One hectare Mangrove takes only Rp15 million with two years maintenance time.

    According to the Head of West Java Environment Office Anang Sudarna, Mangrove planting movement is a glimmer of hope for the environment in the North Coast Karawang. Mangrove can be maintained and the surrounding community can be given coaching, so the accretion (addition of land area) will be realized and North Beach Karawang will be free from abrasion.

    "This mangrove forest could serve as a coastal abrasion retainer, and this good environmental condition is far more important and more needed than anything else," Anang said.

    The initiation of Mangrove planting movement has also been done previously by one of the companies in KIIC, namely PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMI) since 2014. Even one of its Mangrove region has evolved into a tourist and sports area, and able to empower the economies of the surrounding community. The level of people's nutritional safety is also guaranteed considering there has grown a variety of marine biota, such as crabs, shrimp, and others. Dozens of food products with basic ingredients Mangrove also been able to be produced through the Mangrove forest.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor Demiz also gave his appreciation to the management of KIIC for Taman Kehati Program. KIIC has a green area named Taman Kehati covering an area of 20 hectares of a total of 1,400 hectares of KIIC area. In addition, the park is also capable of producing thousands of tree seedlings that are distributed free of charge to the community.

    "We admit that the sea abrasion level is very concerning (in Pantura Karawang). Hopefully this meeting will open our horizons about how this abrasion can be improved," said Bambang, one of the leaders of KIIC in the socialization event.

    After the KIIC, Vice Demiz together with the entourage continue to conduct socialization to the industrial area of Surya Cipta. Surya Cipta party welcomes and supports the movement of Mangrove Pantura. This is in line with Surya Cipta's commitment to create an environmentally sound industrial area.

    "One of the aspects of our motto (Surya Cipta) is the improvement of the environment," said Surya Cipta Director Wilson Efendy.

    "The government can not be alone, we need a common role There is a pattern of cooperation, government, academia, entrepreneurs, and society should be involved, let us create strategic partnerships that can be useful for the community," said Demiz in socialization event in Surya Cipta industrial area, Karawang Regency.

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