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    Sadawarna Reservoir Overcomes Flood and Watering Pantura


    BANDUNG-Construction of Sadawarna Reservoir assessed will solve the flood problem that often happened to Pamanukan area in Indramayu in the rainy season. In addition, this reservoir will supply clean water supply and irrigation for people and rice fields in Subang, Indramayu, and Sumedang.

    West Java Provincial Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, said the increase in population in the Pantura region must be accompanied by the provision of raw water for the needs of the population and agriculture. While all this time, he said, a number of rice fields in the three districts are still rainfed lowland or just depending on rainfall so vulnerable to drought in the dry season.

    "Based on the identification of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing, Bendat Jatigede is not enough to meet the needs of raw water in Pantura," said Iwa in Bandung, Monday (10/2).

    Iwa said in addition to supplying raw water to the three districts, Sadawarna Reservoir will overcome the floods that often hit Pamanukan in Indramayu, at least up to 70 percent.

    If the Sadawarna Dam operates, Iwa said, raw water of 3 cubic meters per second will irrigate Subang or rice fields of 2,500 hectares in Subang. This reservoir will supply 0.1 cubic meters of water per second to Sumedang and supply 2 cubic meters of water per second to Indramayu or irrigate 2,000 hectares of rice fields in Indramayu.

    With thousands of hectares of rice terraces regularly in these three districts, rice production and agricultural products will increase rapidly. After irrigation consistently with the irrigation system of Bandung Sadawarna, the rice fields that usually only harvest once a year so can be harvested two to three times per year. (Even)

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