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    Vice Governor: Local Fishermen Need Protected


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar said fishery activity, especially in West Java are mostly conducted by local fishermen using traditional fishing tools.

    “Local fishermen as the backbone in fulfilling food and raw materials industry, they need to be protected by giving ease in doing their business in order to be independent to improve their welfare," said Vice Governor at the Plenary Session of Parliament of West Java, Bandung, Thursday (14/1).

    Vice Governor said it needs traditional fishermen protection formulation. This statement in line with the discussion of protection the traditional fishermen instruments by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN that handles various issues relating to food and agricultural products in the world.

    Firstly by fulfilling the protection and the citizens rights in political rights, economic rights, social rights, and cultural rights. Secondly, the guidelines should include the protection of traditional fishermen rights that have been formulated and should be protected by an instrument of fishermen protection.

    The Provincial Government of West Java said its appreciation and welcomed the draft of local regulations on the protection and empowerment the fishermen, which initiated by Parliament as a form of attention and efforts improving the quality and welfare of the fishermen in West Java.

    "Through this local legislation is expected more ease the fishermen, both in access to education, health, financing, licensing and other basic rights," he said.

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