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    Each Region Has Batik Motif


    BANDUNG-West Java region with a very beautiful nature with a wealth of flora and fauna are very diverse to make capital for every region of the city and regency as a material to create a high art, as well as batik art.

    Chairwoman of the National Council of Local Handicraft (Dekranasda) West Java Province, Netty Prasetyani, almost all cities and regencies in West Java have a unique batik motifs according to their respective regions.

    "Every region has a distinctive motif of their respective regions, they try to create their own distinctive motifs," he said.

    Netty pointed out, Subang regency has batik with pineapple batik motif, Bogor with kujang motifs and tales and Bandung city with more geometric-shaped contemporary motifs, such as that developed by Tete Hayati.

    "Batik motifs each region depends on what is in the area, Cirebon as a port city more colored, yellow, orange, for the region Ciamis, Garut, Tasik also different and now Bakasi also began to have," he said (Parno)

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